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Medical Waste Removal and Disposal Ashland, Birmingham and Clay County Alabama

Medical Waste Removal and Disposal

Ashland, Birmingham and Clay County Alabama
Medical Waste Removal and Disposal

Medical Waste Disposal Alabama

Are you considering replacing the company that currently handles your medical waste needs, or are you a new business in need of these services? Not only are we professional, friendly, reliable, and follow all state laws and regulations, but in addition to us, you are not subject to the big annual increases other comapnies may hit you with. Did you know that large waste removal companies increase their customers lengthy contracts as high as 18% with automatic renew? This is taking advantage of customers. We don't have lengthy contracts and we won't nickel and dime you. Medical Waste Disposal of Alabama uses a simple agreement form with flat rates, no hidden fees or surcharges.

We only hire only skilled professionals who are OSHA certified. They have all the appropriate state permits to pick up, remove and transport all regulated medical waste materials. Our drivers are fully licensed, and will transport regulated medical waste to a certified treatment facility.

We also provide our customers with proficient record keeping, using a comprehensive compliance software that creates a timely manifest for our clients. This software allows you to track all removal of your medical waste. This helps you avoid compliance issues, and protects you. Medical Waste Disposal of Alabama is dedicated to the protection of our customers. Our professional attitude in adhering to strict federal and state regulations enables us to keep facilities in complete compliance and therefore provide our clients peace of mind.

We remove all type of medical and hazardous medical waste such as blood, bodily fluids, toxic waste, sharps, chemotherapy materials, old medication and other medical waste items that you may have in your facility.  Anything that you need taken away from your medical facility, we can help with. Our trained staff will handle your items with the utmost care and will do so efficiently and safely.  If you have any questions about how or where to dispose of your medical waste, please give us a call!



















































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